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Trying to trace a randart bug (or two, in fact)

I'm trying to work on this ticket: At the moment I can't reproduce the problem with standart artifacts getting randart names, because I can't play a game with standard artifacts at all unless I use a savefile that has never used randarts!

I'd be really grateful if anyone who switches between standard and random artifacts could post in this thread - even if you don't notice either bug. Please say which version you're using (3.1.0beta or which trunk revision you compiled), and what platform (both which OS and which main-xxx engine).

I need to know whether you get the problem with birth options changed during character generation not being saved (i.e. reverting to their previous state once the character is created), and whether you've ever seen standard artifacts with random names. And anything else related to these issues that isn't as it should be.

At the moment I don't understand the naming problem at all, but I can't work on it until I can solve the option-reverting problem.

Thanks in advance.
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