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getting graphics to work

I have tried nethack in the past but tried angband for the first time this week. I thought it was a lot of fun but my home computer has vista and I experienced the problem where the walls don't show up. I know there is a fix for putting "#" as the walls in another thread, but I wanted to try playing with the graphical tiles. However, in the options, it automatically checks "None" and all of the tile options are grayed out. I have the following files in the \Angband\lib\xtra\graf folder:


I did a search online to try to figure this out for myself and I found an old post for angband v306 that you had to add "-g" or "-gfx" to enable graphics. I tried adding -g to my angband shortcut and it just came up with the error message, "unable to find file -g" and closed the program. I realize this might be THE newbiest post ever but I'm frustrated and I have looked through the help files and old forum entries and can't find out why the graphics options are grayed out for me. Can anyone help me?
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