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Modded object file rarities for many items - anyone else want to test?

Final edit hopefully for now, #9:
Went through file again. Changed some min levels, some rarities. The top 3 weapons were cut in half (the changed file meant they were appearing quite a lot with current item generation system). Lotsa other minor changes. Mainly same as before. Consider this the final test version from me. File updated here. For you coders, sorry this is edited in Windows shiteditors so CR/LF things are fuxored. =P Doesn't cause errors in Windows systems atleast though.

Left older edits in quoted. Now have done a version that has many items have a max level, and in general allocation changes across the board. Will be playtesting it myself, anyone other feel free to test too. Myself am going on a vacation trip though, so won't be posting much after a few days, but will take my computer with me to play when idle time appears.

edit3: (snip)
edit4: Okay reformatted to use | as divisor of alloc info, could work now. Testing myself atm.
edit5: And it does not seem to work with the | either. So, until fixed, this feature is seems to be bugged.
edit6: And now I found a wand of polymorph, which would mean the | works! But how the heck am I getting so little healing potions? Is it the good_great_forcing stuff?
edit7thousand: Okays I figured out that it was the chest item generation that allows low lvl items to be generated, NOT that the | format works correctly. So, no dice, it is not working. At the moment can not define multiple rarity depth combinations. I guess I'll make a different version that just has armor/weapon rarity cut to pieces, because good/great drops force those to happen anyways ...

Okay I went through the object.txt file, modified lots of item level/rarity allocations, modded stat gain potions and gain/lose potions so that they give +2 or +2/-1, etc., in essence trying to find out how much the consumables/statgain problem could be lessened with just "end-user" item rarity balancing.

I'm gonna try to playtest it now, anyone else want to? Here's the file.

New version, this time broadsided weapons/armor most items with 20% rarity drop except the deep items. Also added ammo rarity to deep levels to remain about same as before, just more of the high kind ammo available relative to normal ammo.

Weapons/armor further reduced.
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