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Updated: version 1.1

Okay, here's version 1.1 of the tile set. New file's in the same place as before:

I tweaked the pink so the hue matches the magenta from the ASCII (though I lightened it a bit because the full-on magenta's quite hard on my eyes) and added a few more colours from the extended palette. I managed to find a multi-hued effect I'm a bit happier with, so here's that dragon pit again with the new style, plus smaller ds for the baby dragons:

Uniques have stayed plain purple, however, since a lot of the capital letters turn out to be too wide to fit a border on both sides without a major redesign of the alphabet.

Full list of changes from v1.0:

- fixed incorrect mapping of beholders
- new multi-hued effect
- made the S symbol for ticks/scorpions different to the one for spiders
- made the j symbol for oozes narrower than the one for jellies
- made the d symbol for baby dragons smaller
- gave death molds a light blue aura
- made wolf chieftains, bone golems, bile demons, nightwings, nightcrawlers and nightwalkers olive green
- made nalfeshnees and gnome mages pink
- made mind flayers light blue
- made gravity hounds grey-blue
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