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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
I decided to take a stab at allowing ego items to have negative pvals, which requires understanding how the file parser works. This is...not helped by the fact that there are basically no comments for any of the code.

I know that the 2.8.3 days had very verbosely commented code; practically every line had a comment. That's not really necessary IMO, but on the flipside, every function more complicated than a getter or setter needs to have a comment. Please, when you modify a function, if you know what it does, comment it! If that function has a complex block within it, comment that too. You'll make everyones' lives easier. Commenting's not really fun, I know, but it'd be a big help in convincing people to contribute.
It would also help someone like me who doesn't really have any c-skills and is not interested in coding to make tiny adjustments here and there for personal copies. Old code was easy to read and understand, now I can't make head or tails about whats going on in the code.
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