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Originally Posted by Timo Pietilš View Post
It would also help someone like me who doesn't really have any c-skills and is not interested in coding to make tiny adjustments here and there for personal copies. Old code was easy to read and understand, now I can't make head or tails about whats going on in the code.
I'm afraid this is one of the unfortunate side effects of having a lot of work done on the code by a large team. Each contributor has different coding styles and a different propensity for comments. We have a set of coding guidelines to keep the layout consistent, but that doesn't help with this particular problem.

Take the menu code for example - it was written by someone with way more expertise than me, whose comments were enough for someone with his/her expertise but not enough for me to understand it. So I can't make head or tail of it - but at least we have a decent menu system. The parser code is a very similar example (though its author happens to hang out on IRC so one can ask questions). I think the better you are at programming in C, the less inclined you are to think something needs a comment.

I do try and add comments where I can, but the catch-22 is that I don't touch the uncommented areas of code very much ...
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