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Borg Stability

Is there a stability issue with the 309 borg?

I dont use the screen saver i just run the borg on an old P3 1.2 I have kicking about just to give it something to do and add to global warming

I have recently begun to run angband 309, but as yet i have not had a run of longer than 12 hours without a crash, I have tried it on 2 xp machines and 1 vista (32bit) machine, same troubles on each one. It just locks up seemingly at random and the standard windows error box pops up (report error to MS blar blar) then i have to force close the application.

I used to run angband 306 borg for weeks on end.. it would occasionally loop, or unhook, but it never crashed / locked up.

I have returned to 306, to verify if it is my machine or not, if it makes it to tomorrow, then it out performs 309 and i will leave it running.

One other question, do you have a borg forum andrew or could we have a borg section on this site? never have I seen such a dedicated angband tinkerer, keep up the good work with the borg and thx for many many hours or mind numbing fun
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