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Thanks for your answer.

Originally Posted by Dragonboneman View Post
You could switch the damage ring for the +3 INT though.
I did it. It was just an attempt to support melee might after wearing DSM & losing strength bonus, but it flats out.

Originally Posted by Dragonboneman View Post
Similarly, you don't need those rods of bolts - use your bow instead.
Hmm... I'm using it for saving of arrows. Arrows tends to disappear, so without rods I'll need to brand, enchant and transport hundreds of arrows, isn't it?

Originally Posted by Dragonboneman View Post
I'd ditch the crossbow of Extra Might as well
I never going to use it - it just waits for more generous shop owner together with some other weapon too.

In general, maybe you'll comment my fight tactic? I usually use:

melee - for fastest shredding
arrows - for strongest monsters, disenchanters etc
balls - for weak groups, single monsters (say, vortexes) or above-the-head shooting (say, targeting summoners)
bolts - for shooting weaker monsters, say, water hounds; for shooting almost dead flees also
ice storm spell - as strong and dazing ball
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