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Originally Posted by Softwarer View Post
Similarly, you don't need those rods of bolts - use your bow instead.
Hmm... I'm using it for saving of arrows. Arrows tends to disappear, so without rods I'll need to brand, enchant and transport hundreds of arrows, isn't it?
I think two stacks of 99 arrows, with another stack or two in the Home, would be ideal. As I like to enchant arrows/bolts myself, I'd be sure to keep a healthy reserve of ?Enchant To-Hit/To-Dam in the home so that I could conveniently enchant up batches of 20 arrows as useful.

This doesn't get you out of using the stacks of Rods. I'd be carrying two stacks of Rods: Fire and Frost. Almost everything that resists both Fire and Frost also resists Lightning, so you should see very little use of the Lightning Rod stack. (Acid Bolts would be a more useful third stack, when it comes online.)

Also note that you get two arrows fired for every use of a rod, currently. An Extra Shots short/long bow will add one to this; CL40 will also add one.
Originally Posted by Softwarer View Post
In general, maybe you'll comment my fight tactic? I usually use:

melee - for fastest shredding
arrows - for strongest monsters, disenchanters etc
balls - for weak groups, single monsters (say, vortexes) or above-the-head shooting (say, targeting summoners)
bolts - for shooting weaker monsters, say, water hounds; for shooting almost dead flees also
ice storm spell - as strong and dazing ball
I'd use balls for trick shots (check that no useful items are in the area). Melee should not be fastest shredding, for a Ranger. Be sure to replace that bow with an Extra Shots bow when you have the chance. [crossbow loses because of class extra shots.]

Also make sure you understand the positional targeting system and its quirks for all of ball spells, bolt spells, and arrows.
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