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Originally Posted by Mikko Lehtinen View Post
A horizontal or vertical melee attack is at close range. Defend by making a Parry check.

A diagonal melee attack is at longer range. Defend by making either a Parry or Jumping check, whichever is higher.
This sounds really artificial, yes. Why can the character only be at that range from his opponent from a certain set of compass directions? If diagonal distances are longer, shouldn't it take longer to move a space diagonally than it does to move horizontally? In my opinion it's problematic to base game logic on the idea that diagonal distances are not equal to horizontal distances, because so many other basic elements of roguelikes assume that they are equal.

This would push dextrous combatants into rooms, where they have room to dodge. Positioning might become more interesting.
This is a good design goal, however. Maybe penalize Dodge according to how many wall/occupied squares are next to the player?

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