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My mother still is in hospital, but not in immediate danger of life anymore. I hope that soon the situation will normalize further. At least I have a little time to breath now and then again.

I've been reading the forum now and then, and I saw some interesting ideas about traps and better use of terrain features. I'm not sure if and how much I want to change the code base, but maybe I'll try to add some more variation there, too. Particularly more terrain options would compliment the graphical display.

One change that I have implemented, but which is untested yet, is to have 1 in 16 traps on a level visible right away (badly build, old age revealed it or just faulty). I hope it will work. Maybe I should scale that with depth, so that on early levels almost all traps are visisble, and the deeper one gets the better hidden the traps are?

I've also configured images for all blade class weapons, still need to do polearms and hammers/maces. And of course all the armor types. But that is just a matter of time, not a problem.

Terrain will take a longer while, at the moment I'm just gathering ideas. But I think at some point I want to separate floor and a feature on the floor, e.g. to have a floor and a door in a grid. I need to look for an easy way to implement that, which allows clean expansion of the features, without the need to change too much of the existing code. Maybe that's not possible, but I'll see.

I can't make any promises right now, but some day I hope to have time to play and test some more and publish a new release.
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