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Originally Posted by Hajo View Post
The v4 system is very generic and flexible, but it deems me also a bit complex.

I wonder a bit which way to go with my variant. Implement something like in v4, but in a bit simpler fashion, or wait till the v4 system is backported to a new Angband release and try to patch my variant with a diff from Angband 3.4.1 to that code?
The v4 system was as simple as I could make it given the limitations of the existing Angband codebase.

Actually that sentence only really applies to the affixes; perhaps the complexity to which you refer is the themes aspect. I implemented themes as a way to make the affix system generate coherent multi-affix items like Defenders, Gondolin, Westernesse, HA etc. etc. Otherwise items with multiple affixes would only ever be totally random, like D2's rares.

What you could do is port over the affixes code to your variant without the theme code (they are easily separable - I can tell you which functions you need). Then you can decide if you like it enough to grapple with the themes.

Porting it to V is really all-or-nothing, because without the themes you can't replicate the existing V ego types. (Well you can, but it would be a massive hack and not really advance on the current V ego system.)

As takkaria says, it was designed so that its initial implementation in V could produce *exactly* the same range of items, and no more. This slightly increased the complexity.
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