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Originally Posted by Philip View Post
Well, if you aren't keen on there being specific monsters that aren't killed by bashing them repeatedly, Tome4 might not be the game for you.
The problem is the game actively suggests you have to kill the boss by creating a new add every time you kill it off. The right way to do this is a message "THE FOO WEAKENS" when you kill off the add. The message has to be obvious, like a click through or large letters.

Experience will tell you how tough stuff is
Yes, I've played roguelikes since 1991.

There are many approaches that can make this more manageable. In rogue, hack, and crawl, the list of opponents is quite short. The number of times you will die because you don't know what they do is limited in this way.

In Angband, a game with a long list of opponents, we have monster memory. At the very least the native depth of the monster is available as a rough guide. The monster list shows out of depth monsters in red.

I'm not seeing much to make this less annoying here.

The wiki isn't necessary. It's a game of exploration, go and explore.
RPGs are also games of exploration in which dying is a possibility. At least the old ones. They didn't spring a quest on you the moment you walk out of the first town that's certain death.

The problem, as before, isn't that some things are dangerous, it's that the placement and progression is entirely haphazard.

In crawl, I can go into the elven halls 3 totally unprepared. But I have to FIRST get through around 5-7 levels of the dungeon of increasing difficulty. Elven Halls 1 and 2 are be good hints about 3 as well. If I'm paying attention I know to turn around.

Bandit quest enemies going down by breathing hard, and then the next part being a wtf pwn, that's the opposite.

You're not supposed to win with your first or every character.
Patronising. This is a website where people play Angband.

You got a YOU FAILED message simply because you did. You undertook a quest to save some dude trapped in some tunnels, and you didn't. As simple as that. Failing a quest doen't kill your character or anything.
I went into a forest next to my starting area. The game gave me a breadcrumb quest to go in there. The first person made me choose to help them or not before I could even see the first monster. After seeing the first monster, I realized the game had signposted me to death again, so left.


As the player, I made the right choice, to leave. I succeeded. Sorry I didn't fall for this breadcrumb deathtrap.

That the breadcrumb is there at all is probably wrong. That you have to choose to help before you have ANY idea how difficult the area is is very poorly conceived. That you can't say "sorry dude, I'll help you later" is obnoxious, because that's what the experienced player will do, by choosing not to enter the deathtrap.
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