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Originally Posted by Mondkalb View Post
To bring some life to this forum, here ist my wishlist for pseudo id in Vanilla.

This issue is beeing discussed every now and then on rgra. Pseudo id sucks, especially with rangers.
Instead of giving them strong pseudo it I would prefer a more sophisticated new system with strong pseudo for every class, but only for related items
You've pretty much described the new Unangband pseudo-id system up until here:

missile weapons and ammo for rangers and rogues
weapons and armor for warriors and paladins
potions and mushrooms for priests and wizards

Staves, rods and scrolls are easy to identfy by using with only few possible bad side effects like summoning, really bad scroll ist curse weapon/armor, which ist native very deep in the dungeon and could be easy identified by that time.

Weak pseudo could stay at it is for other items.
The problem with your suggestion is that pseudo-id for mushrooms, potions, wands, staffs and rods pretty much fine.

For amulets, rings, where some can be good or bad: a pseudo of {good} and {cursed} is probably worthwile. However, if its a ring of speed, you'll id it anyway etc. So its probably not necessary.

For armour and weapons the current system is a pain.

Have a look at the Unangband class-based pseudo-id if you want.

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