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Originally Posted by Therem Harth View Post
Because I've got a nasty head cold, and feel like working on something other than Neoband right now... (I'll probably get that release out tomorrow, probably!)

If I wanted to embark on a naive attempt to port a pre-GPL variant to another programming language, using the original source code as a basis and reference, including some of the initial structure/object layout of the code; would the theoretical complete product also have to be under the original Angband license? Or can ported versions just be GPLed?
IANAL, but copyright is distinct from design rights. The Angband license and GPL are about copyright, so as long as you don't paste any identical lines of code (and thus infringe copyright), you can in theory steal the design and re-code it however you like.

More practically, it's unlikely that anyone would mind. If you put in your license.txt file a note to the effect that you have deliberately chosen not to dual license and link to takkaria's excellent blog article explaining the original GPL effort to move away from the dual license, you're likely to be forgiven by almost anyone.
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