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Originally Posted by taptap View Post
it was just a laundry list of accuracy increasing or otherwise critical hits enabling abilities, not specifically against S. still, delmereth, shortsword of galadriel etc. are perfectly capable endgame weapons imho.

also: sharpness. song of sharpness used to be the pick of choice when keeping a one-handed weapon in the depth. less powerful now, but against ancient serpents? the sharp daggers (or anything else with sharpness) may do wonders as well. (nargil or especially angrist)
I am with debo on this. Man I was hitting those S's a bunch of times and sometimes the charge would take them down and other times not. I just think that its crazy that I need a heavy weapon to get anywhere. Hell, I haven never gotten Demerlith without a heavy weapon. Unless I had sharpness.
Really I just wonder what the math is on the heavy weapons. Like what rolls are going on that let the heavy weapons get thru where a lighter more accurate weapon won't.
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