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Re vaults: although vaults are definitely dangerous and certain types really need to be avoided unless you are a certain character class with certain abilities, in general, you can deal with a lot of vaults even if you are not very powerful IF:

1) you have some form of Teleport Other. This is really important.
2) you have some decent amount of speed, to limit the chances something really nasty can get a double move on you.
3) you have some sort of detection, to help you avoid nasty surprises.

Keep in mind you don't necessarily need to "clear out" a vault, either. You can "raid it"--get in while the getting is good and try to get out with some goodies without dying.

As far as going down is concerned, I like consistently going down. The only times I "linger" on certain levels tend to be: 1) when playing a mage, I stay on level 1 until I have a certain # of HP, and 2) i will linger in the high 90s if I don't have enough consumables or speed or something else needed to take on Sauron and Morgoth. Other than that, I am always going down, basically.
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