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Ainu and "Wizard" Uniques

I feel like if the Istari and Maia in general are going to exist on the "A" glyph, then Saruman and Sauron should both be moved to A as well.

Another point, it feels a little odd that Radagast is *hugely* more powerful than Saruman in v4. As in, I will sometimes take on Saruman when I find him 20 dungeon levels before his native depth and conversely, will avoid Radagast until I am confident exploring at least 10 levels above his(Radagast's) native depth. In a similar vein, Radagast being tougher than Arien again feels a little odd, but I'm not familiar with the lore surrounding Osse and Arien.

Conversely, I don't think the Balrogath should be moved to "A." A currently has very cohesive traits (most of rbase, mana attacks, spell-based) which Saruman and Sauron would fit, while Balrogs, being fire-based and bringing the heat most with breath attacks and melee(okay, Osse and Arien are fairly nasty breathers too!) don't fit quite as well there. Doing it this way also makes every "A" a unique colour!

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