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Originally Posted by seraph View Post
staves of self-knowledge reveal no information about amulets of last chances, as if they are still adornment.
Thanks for reporting this. Will fix.

Originally Posted by seraph View Post
it quickly becomes cheaper to make a ring of protection than a ring of evasion of the same tier. a ring of evasion [+2] has a difficulty of 16, while protection [1d2] has one of 14.
This is intentional - as far as I can see Evasion gets more broken as it scales than protection does. To pick convenient numbers, increasing your Evasion from +6 vs your opponents attack to +8 reduces your chance of being hit by 25%. Increasing from +10 to +12 reduces it by 30%. The more Evasion you have, the more good having more does you until you're effectively unhittable. Reducing average damage taken by raising protection requires substantially larger increases to affect the big hitting enemies you care about in the late game. Protection is of course much more competitive earlier on, but the price is geared to the endgame. Happy to debate this point if someone else wants to crunch the maths and offer another perspective.

Originally Posted by seraph View Post
i noticed in an earlier version (release 6?) that perception checks became easier. but in this release they reverted to the same difficulty. but perhaps i imagined this.
Perception checks haven't changed since the earlier version - they should still be easier than before.
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