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New builds up on the nightlies page and (source is here) with the following changes:
  • Ent draughts now nourish the player up to 60% like honey cakes
  • Fix wrong variable bug in EARTHQUAKE (thanks PowerWyrm)
  • Make the plural of hydra always hydras
  • Make nether worm masses immune to nether
  • Change order of message when taking items off, so the message shows the new label of the removed item rather than the old one
  • Fix bug in O-combat that made branded weapons do no damage sometimes
  • Attempt a fix to bug #2164, which prevents writing lore or window prefs on macOS Catalina
  • Detarget monsters after they are teleported out of LoS, fixing single combat town corruption bug
Just realised I should have added the Gervais tiles that Bill Peterson has supplied; they'll be in the next build.
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