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Originally Posted by ster View Post
[14:58] StNightmaer: Surgol Logrus
[15:02] StNightmaer: @Gwarl didn't you see. he wants to add tik's and fastitocalons to a poslike
[15:02] StNightmaer: breaking new ground
[15:04] StNightmaer: looks like there was some effort to fix the really bad new monsters but the wyrms all still have acid auras and hasty ents still have friends
[15:07] StNightmaer: easy thalos nerfing score (lol) super-gwarlvision (lmfao)
[15:12] StNightmaer: uhhh did he remove poison needles with no replacement or do i need my coffee before posting
[15:12] StNightmaer: hopefully this means babbles go with no replacement but i doubt it
-Tik will be guarding angband 127.
-Wyrms have auras in Frogcomposband.
-Hasty ents will lose friends and regen in next version.
-Needles and babbles are both still there. Babble was supposed to be slower but that change didn't get added.
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