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New Release 0.3.3
-Incorporated the many, many QOL/bugfix/English improvements from Frogcomposband-7.1.Liquorice
-Two new races:Icky Things, which can enter symbiosis with immobile monsters (works like the Ring monster, but in reverse - player is the bearer), and Ghouls (from Zangband) who have a paralyzing touch attack and can sense the living.
-Tables in some rooms (from Halls of Mist) - make a DEX check to climb onto, monsters have a % chance to climb onto it.
-Pets/friendlies can kill uniques for you, and player always is alerted when a unique dies, even offscreen.
-Blue mages and Imitators reimplemented based on Frogcomposband's Blue Mage.
-Unarmed players with hands can make a 1d2 punch attack instead of being completely helpless.
-Nagas can now wield weapons, Hobbits cannot wear shoes anymore.

(Links in OP also updated)
NOTE: Release had a bug, see below for fixed re-release

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