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I have these requests, more like Hugostyle requests because they affect my playstyle or why I do certain things mostly for IRL-realism-reasons:

'Death and destruction!' This pleaseth me! *chaos patron reward*: This normally *Destructs* the non-permanent wall areas around the player inside dungeons only. But it has no effect in the wilderness. Sideways (aka rodent @ says it shouldn't do anything in the wilderness, regardless of mountains or trees, because it would be weird. Dean Anderson's Cthangband's version of the destruction actually 'destroys' the nearby wilderness surroundings. That said, I really think it should destroy the nearby wilderness surroundings. And if not, it should auto-teleport players when it doesn't work

'Let me relieve thee of thine oppressors!' *chaos patron reward*: This either gives player the chance to genocide a monster type or mass genocides everything in the neighborhood WITHOUT causing the player to take HP damage. Sideways says players don't suffer any HP damage because it uses the chaos patron's HP (who knows much HP the chaos patrons really have --maybe make this like the Guardian Forces in FF7/FF8). I'm interested on what the Zangband devs had in mind. imo, this chaos patron action should drain the HP because that's just me. And also make this always teleport the player when it genocides - why? 1) Chaotic effect 2) kind of protective effect for player 3) #1 plus #2

Player blindness mechanics should be changed so that the player doesn't see objects on the floor. Instead, it should 'read feet knocking over a Broad Axe' for example. I tend to want to view *band as a Microsoft Simulator 2021. Hehe. I don't know if a blind-HUD is even a good idea. I've had many discussions about the player-blindness should work and this is an example.

Corpse weights and skeletons should be their true IRL-like weights, not just 4lb for corpses and 2lb for skeletons. Do this for all classes. Or at least do this for the Chaos-Warriors because they're Chaotic after all. I might be the only one who thinks this should be the case for IRL-realism reasons.

If you don't know already, Confusion has nil effect on Staves of Teleport and Staves of Curing. I think Confusion should make it harder for players to use these Staves. Though, Confusion should make the Staves of Curing somewhat harder to use, rather than straight-up make it hard to use.

I already discussed the above several times with the folks. FCPB will not incorporate these because they're aren't popular and due to QOL reasons. But I feel like Oposband can be a new ground to try such ideas to make the game much harder in intuitive ways.
My best try at PosChengband 7.0.0's nightmare-mode on

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