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309 Borg Update

Hey guys-

A short note to update you on the borg. I was able to work around the problem with the borg unhooking in town. I am still playtesting it, but it seems to work well.

He understands the new stores well. There were several issues to work through. I have not seen any more problems in the past few days.

He know knows about the new amnesia attacks and knows how to deal with it and even fears the amnesia attack if he is a spell caster.

The screensaver is mostly working. For a normal, pre-existing savefile, he can load it up and run it just fine now. He can't create a save file yet. He is crapping out right after the Gender/Race/Class selection, right at the point/attribute roll-up screen. This poses a problem for the borg if he cannot create his first savegame file. Once this savefile is generated, he will be fine, but getting there is turning out to be an issue. There seems to be some sort of keybuffer flushing or something.

It's still coming along. I work on it each day.

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