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Town services?

Derakon posted this:

Mm, as far as shopping is concerned, the only items you really need to have to continue into the dungeon are a) Word of Recall, b) stat restores (in egregious situations), and c) spellbooks. If you add a service to restore stats, and change the town spellbooks to be indestructible but weigh 6 pounds each, then the only remaining item that the stores would have to refresh their stock on would be Word of Recall scrolls.

Specifically, the notion of a "service" to restore stats. This got me to thinking, what other "services" could we implement? Note that this is related to the town shops/restocking/scumming issues, altho some of the ideas go beyond the scope of that.

So, we could have the following services:

a) Healer [Temple]: restore stats, restore XP. Restore HPs too, perhaps, altho this would only be meaningful VERY early on. No need to scum for stat restorers.

b) Enchant weapons/armor [weapon/armor shops]. Make the price to enchant variable, NOT fixed. Eliminates enchant weapon/armor scrolls from the stores.

c) Recharge wand/staff [magic shop]. Probably should work like Recharge III, and not be an automatically successful recharge. Would help e.g. the warrior types looking for ID and detection staves and the like.

d) Improve item [black market]: would let you raise the bonuses on items that are, right now, NOT normally that +1 Int ring could be made into a +3. Definitely in the Black Market, definitely using the x3 cost adjustment. Would, of course, NOT work on artifacts. With this, the 'best possible items' the stores can offer, could be greatly reduced.

Those are the ones I can think of, right now...
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