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Weird 2:00 AM idea for Charisma

Okay, you are all familiar with my complaints about searching and perception in Angband...

And one of the main complaints about Angband in general is that Charisma is a dump stat...

How about making Charisma influence searching and perception?

The idea is, instead of just physical prettiness, Charisma represents how "wordly" and street-smart your character is. So it could affect trap-related skills, and maybe a bunch of other things. (Pseudo-ID speed? Accuracy of level feelings?)

This would mean no more acid attacks affecting CHR and whatnot. (Does V have that? I forget.) But maybe mental attacks could impact CHR instead.

Maybe rename the stat - "WLS" for "worldliness" or "JMT" for "judgment" or something like that, it doesn't really matter. The idea is to make stat #6 no longer a dump stat by having it fix something that didn't quite work before.

(I'm actually experimenting with this on one of my own projects, I'll see if it turns out alright...)
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