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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
Ration by price...
1st potion (x1) costs 500 (normal price)
2nd (x2) costs 1,000
3rd (x3) costs 3,000
4th (x4) costs 12,000
5th (x5) costs 60,000
6th (x6) costs 360,000
Before all these seemingly nice ideas like price rationing, look at the end result:
6th potion is unattanaible until you slaughter dragon pits etc. Even 5th is way too much for realistic use, heck 4th is iffy.

Overall, I like NPP style services. And I don't see much reason to reduce vanilla town stuff anyways, I actually want the last bothersome thing which is ?WoR be stocked with more than small stacks always. For me that is pretty much the last game feature that causes unnecessary resting/scumming behavior anymore.
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