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Originally Posted by ewert View Post
Before all these seemingly nice ideas like price rationing, look at the end result:
6th potion is unattainable until you slaughter dragon pits etc. Even 5th is way too much for realistic use, heck 4th is iffy.
That was the point. Instead of a hard limit of five, I'm proposing a soft limit of 4 or 5, maybe 6 (my no-selling winner ended up with more that 500,000 GP).

You can always still find (and horde if you like) potions from the dungeon.
You can still cast restoration spells.

I'm wasn't suggesting such a steep curve be used for all potions, but rather than a hard limit of 5, a soft limit of whatever demand dictates. That's pretty much how it works in the real world and no one seems to have a problem with it. I think this system could work and it could be modified with lesser multipliers to fit other frequently abused consumables.
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