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Originally Posted by Donald Jonker View Post
I'm playing Heng 1.7.0; just completed the Vapor quest, for which i received a phial {unidentified}. I walked over the square with the phial, and either neglected to pick it up, or pressed 'g' only to have it disappear... In any case, I went to the alchemy shop for *identify*, bought it, read it, and found no phial in my inventory! It isn't anywhere in town (Bree) either (used rod of detection). I have preserve mode on. Is it lost forever? Could someone in town have picked it up and vanished?

Did you perchance get another quest before picking up the Phial? I've noticed that getting a new quest refreshes the town so that items on the ground vanish.

Whether you can ever find the Phial again, I do not know.
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