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Originally Posted by getter77 View Post
I can't imagine anybody would object to a "reclaiming" of this sort especially since you'd be going the direction of an alternate "What If?"---could just pick a different naming/numeration sense if it just came down to concerns about confusing the established progression, such that it is.

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I thought I'd consider this a new major version, since it horribly breaks savegame compatibility; but I'd rather keep calling it Cthangband for thematic (unlike Hellband I've not changed the theme of the game), historical (Cthangband is known to people and I don't want four different named variants), and personal (Cthangband is the variant I've felt was "my baby" more than either of the others I've done) reasons.

Originally Posted by Nick View Post
So according to the Angband Variant Repository (which you may find useful) David Thornley took Cthangband as far as 3.1.0b, and Kieron Dunbar forked sCthangband from it at that point. Neither has been updated for a long time - I think you're in the clear
From there, it looks like - according to his "Update.txt" file - David Thornley only ever released one version of Cthangband (4.1.0, not 3.1.0) after taking it over, and it was only a minor bugfix version.

I suppose I could try to contact him, but after fifteen (!) years it seems a bit rude to try to track him down and contact him out of the blue.
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