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Do people really use rings of open wounds? Usually I don't. So it seems strange to me to have an extra flag that is needed only for a rarely-used item --- that's probably why people are not familiar with it.
I used to use them regularly in the early game; memorably, with a mage who had his strength reduced from 18/19 to 6 and consequently had -11 speed from the burden. I solved the problem safely by melee-killing 4000 lice and spamming Open Wounds for the HP (lice are dangerous at that speed...) until I gained a level and regained my STR. The character went on to win.

But my latest characters haven't used Open Wounds; and the lesson from what happened to my mage probably isn't "Open Wounds can be useful" as much as "don't have your STR reduced from 18/19 to 6."
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