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Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 View Post
Found a big problem (or bug?) with Rune Swords. My Rune Sword DOES NOT WORK AT ALL for my Possessor!!!! I'm in Arena 79 and I have to rely on Kenshirou's kick attacks to kill anything in sight. If I'm killing Hell knights (level 52 monsters), my Rune Sword should at least gain something. Is Kenshirou one of body types that is always [Unskilled]! at Rune Swords? Rune Swords are 15lb. That's not too light. I'm ready to use my Scroll of Mundanity to blow up this permanently-cursed Rune Sword any minute.

If anyone can help me figure this out, I would greatly appreciated it!

Chris, if you're reading this, I sent you an email.
I commented on your dump, but I'll quote here in case others are curious:
Attempting to use the Rune Sword for this character is probably a bad idea. For one thing, they take a long time to build to power. For another, they only grow when they land a killing blow, and your innate kick attack is going to annoyingly steal most kills from you, I fear.

To use the Rune Sword, you need to get it started, which means overcoming the -50 innate damage. Use whatever equip you have to pull this off even if it means exposing resistance holes. Then beat on weaker monsters until the sword grows a bit. Stay shallow until the sword does enough damage to be playable and then switch back to your normal kit. But to grow the sword to power will take thousands of kills, so this takes time, at least 10 hours of play. I don't recommend attempting this with a late game character who has already killed so many uniques.

I think Rune Swords are a bit of an oddity, but surely someday someone will use them. Better to find them early with an intentional build to take advantage (e.g. Craft caster).
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