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So, I was given the Hoard as my DL24 Angband quest monster, and I have literally just spent 40 minutes trying to kill it. I'm a Possessor holding onto a Cave Ogre's body, so basically all I can do is melee dudes. My normal speed isn't helping. I've illuminated every room in the level so I can see him coming, and dug little zig-zag corridors everywhere, but I can't ever get more than 2-3 hits on him before he steals my money and poofs.

I had 100k in pocket before I got here and now I have 10k left. Not to mention I've been kicked out of my body twice... (thank god for passwall). Any secret techs I can use other than screaming "fuck" and ragequitting on this dungeon quest?

I doubt I have much fame at all yet (just did Thieves, Warg, Orc Caves) and I don't even really care that much about it, so no big deal I guess.
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