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Originally Posted by debo View Post
So, I was given the Hoard as my DL24 Angband quest monster, and I have literally just spent 40 minutes trying to kill it. I'm a Possessor holding onto a Cave Ogre's body, so basically all I can do is melee dudes. My normal speed isn't helping. I've illuminated every room in the level so I can see him coming, and dug little zig-zag corridors everywhere, but I can't ever get more than 2-3 hits on him before he steals my money and poofs.

I had 100k in pocket before I got here and now I have 10k left. Not to mention I've been kicked out of my body twice... (thank god for passwall). Any secret techs I can use other than screaming "fuck" and ragequitting on this dungeon quest?

I doubt I have much fame at all yet (just did Thieves, Warg, Orc Caves) and I don't even really care that much about it, so no big deal I guess.
I would just surrender the quest. Alberich can be just as bad, completely unkillable for certain builds. At least you aren't getting your equipment trashed!

For the Hoard, you need enough speed and AC so that it cannot get away, but this is unlikely at DL24. I always wait a long time before doing this quest for just this reason. In fact, my CL48 snotling still hasn't bothered
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