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Different symbols for wands and rods, how?

In my variant I'm using a custom font with additional symbols, and I've been trying to give wands and rods separate symbols. But I hit a config part that confuses me - the flavor definitions.

I started by giving wands the symbolo no. 221:

K:wand:Magic Missile:128:221
K:wand:Lightning Bolts:128:221
K:wand:Frost Bolts:128:221
K:wand:Fire Bolts:128:221
Then I gave rods rthe symbol no. 222:

K:rod:Treasure Location:128:222
K:rod:Door/Stair Location:128:222
K:rod:Trap Location:128:222
Finally I noticed the flavor pref section and didn't know what to enter there:

# Item flavor: Pewter

# Item flavor: Ivory

# Item flavor: Lead-Plated

45 was the old symbol for both wands and rods ... now what do I enter there if I want wands to have symbol no. 221 and rods to have smybol no. 222?
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