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I really appreciate the quick replies! It is counter-intuitive to press g while in a store, rather than the item letter, especially since if you click on the item, a menu opens under it with one of the options being to press d to Take the item (which does not work).

1) I have been trying various rogue-likes and so some things ofc change from version to version, so I am never sure what is different from one to the next. I would have thought that since you learnt the spell, you would not need to lug the book around. Can you then cast spells directly from the book that you have not learnt (like in some rogues?). If so, what is the point of learning spells?

2) I bumped into a wandering merchant in town, trying to chat with him (as happens in some rogues). I tried various combinations of c and t first, none worked, so I bumped him. That attacked him and (despite having missed him,) now he chases me around town trying to kill me. I am worried that if I kill him, perhaps the town will turn against me. Any thoughts on this?
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