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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
The object rating is a 32-bit integer, so that shouldn't be causing a wrap problem. Was it lying on the floor, or dropped by a monster?
nope, on the ground. "in a pit".
d) the Ring of Power 'The One Ring' (+15,+15) <+5>
Found lying on the floor in a pit at 4900 feet (level 98)

it wasn't just this once, i've found it 4 times since, well, my last visits, and every time i noticed it was a LF x-7, this time, it was LF 6-6 !

You had mentioned that level feelings are just the amount of money (as in, value of the items) that's on the ground so i thought, maybe they are capped at 30k as in the shops. Maybe thats why a big vault full of random egos has a higher value.
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