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Hi Dark One!

I've compiled the game on powerpc linux (Ubuntu) and it works great. A couple of complaints, though: when I descended the stairs from DL1 to DL2 and then back again after 100 turns, I got the same dungeon, but fresh treasure on the floor (there were 3 objects in that room before, which I grabbed, now 2 new and different ones. Another one: in all graphic modes, ASCII and incons, 16 and 32 pixels, the fonts are inside big blank fields, it looks as if there is twice too much space for the fonts. Only so for the map, messages are OK. Last one: some talents are scaled up badly. One. probably Precise Strike, adds +5 to hit and some other stat for 10% attack slowdown, but only +6 to the stats for 20% slowdown, when another point is invested. Or something like this. I'm OK with diminishing returns, but the drawbacks should diminish proportionately. Otherwise, investing the extra points is actually harmful.

Thanks for the fun and I hope to steal the C part of your code some day and script games in Haskell (or something).
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