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Blue mage is my favorite class in Frog. The beginning is difficult. I usually buy at least a couple of teleportation scrolls and try to find a novice mage or archer in the wilderness. The magic missile wand is useful against crows, ravens and wild cats. If anything else chases me , I retreat to the town moat as most non flying monsters cannot swim. This is also a good place to learn magic missile from the novice mages as it can take several hits to learn the spell and it helps if they are unable to melee you.
Once I've learned magic missile or shoot I usually complete the thieves quest and then the mercenary quest.
The next important spells to learn are frost bolt, Fire bolt, Or lightning bolt. I usually learn these from wormtongue, a gnome mage, or a druid. You can usually find them in the hideout dungeon. This would also be a good opportunity to learn breaths, although the damage from these is quite low in the beginning.
The next big spell to learn is Throw boulder. You have to be very careful about this as the damage is high. You want to make sure to have enough hp to survive an attack and also have a way of healing and escape. Sound and shard resistance are helpful but not absolutely necessary. I usually look for giants or do the Olog quest in order to learn this. Knowing Throw boulder is a huge boost for blue mages as it does a great deal of damage and also stuns most monsters. I usually wait for Throw boulder to do the Tengu and Mimic quests, as they are much easier with this.
Other helpful spells are confuse or blind, although carrying a wand of confusion achieves the same effect. Once you have resist confuse, it is very helpful to learn breath confusion from a bronze dragonfly as it allows you to confuse multiple monsters at once.

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