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The prebuilt versions for Windows or Mac automatically include the graphics support. With the Mac version, you can select the graphics mode while running the game by opening the Settings->Graphics menu and choosing one of the options there. Anything other than "Classic ASCII" uses a set of graphical tiles to represent things in the game. The Windows version also allows turning graphics on and off while playing; someone else may chime in with the specifics about how that's done.

If you're using Linux, the SDL and SDL2 front ends are like the Windows and Mac front ends and allow graphics to be enabled while running the game. In the SDL front end, use the Options menu and press one of the buttons under "Available Graphics" to select a graphics mode. In the SDL2 front end, that's done with the Angband->Tiles->Set menu. Whether or not the SDL or SDL2 front ends are available will depend on how Angband was compiled.
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