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Originally Posted by Saru View Post
Is there a specific set of depths for where valuable objects such as !restore mana, !healing & *healing* appear? I've not really been able to find any, and can't approach the serpent without quite a few more. Is there a safe/reliable depth to scum for these?

As an aside, are staves of restore mana a thing? I don't think I've seen any but one can always hope
Staves of Restore Mana do exist, but they're very rare and very high-level.

Generally, I would say that deeper is better for finding !RestoreMana and !Healing and !*Healing*. Usually, it is not necessary to scum for them; if you always pick them up when you find them, and always buy them when they appear in a Black Market, you will have enough by the time you get to the Serpent. (I've only ever needed to scum once, when I accidentally destructed the Serpent after having already spent most of my supplies.)

There's quite a lot of guaranteed !Healing and !*Healing* in the game - mostly in quests, but also the arena, and Polyphemus's drop; also, some of the wanted rewards. !RestoreMana can be more hit-and-miss.
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