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Ideas for other town US holiday celebrations that might be actually doable in the current game structure:

New Year's Eve/Day - every townsperson is a singing happy drunk.

Valentine's Day: townspeople are either walking around in twos, or they are aggravated (because they don't have a date).

Easter: the Easter Bunny, of course! Kill it to get the goodies (food and/or a couple random potions)

US Independence Day: some of the townspeople firing off magic missiles in random directions.

US Labor Day: all shops closed for one trip to town on the real-time day in question.

Halloween: poltergeists/witches/zombies/etc running around town, but they are townspeople in costume (they have normal townsperson HP/abilities).

US Thanksgiving: while in town, you and the townspeople are 100% fed and thus slowed (not in the dungeon for obvious reasons).
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