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Bad Beats - What's the best artifacts you've had to abandon?

Bumblef*ck the cl50 hobbit rogue found another crazy level with an immense pit.

Vecna dropped this:

u) the Augmented Chain Mail of Elent (-2) [42,+7] <+4, +2>
Dropped by Vecna, the Emperor Lich at 4100 feet (level 82)

+4 wisdom.
+2 constitution.
Provides resistance to acid, lightning, fire, cold, light, dark,
sound, shards, chaos.
Provides protection from blindness.
Cannot be harmed by acid.
Prevents paralysis.

When activated, it drains up to 250 hit points of life from a
target creature. Does not affect undead, demons, golems,
elementals or vortices.
Takes 382 to 468 turns to recharge at your current speed.
Your chance of success is 96.8%

Am wearing.

g) the Studded Leather Armour 'Lothrin' (-1) [12,+19] <+3>
Dropped by Itangast the Fire Drake at 2600 feet (level 52)

+3 wisdom.
Provides immunity to fire.
Provides resistance to shards, nether.
Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
Prevents paralysis. Sustains your life force.

When activated, it creates a large frost ball with damage 200.
Takes 413 to 507 turns to recharge at your current speed.
Your chance of success is 95.9%
Had to leave it on the floor, because:
a) it's too heavy an armor (despite him getting to 45 speed with a _Speed), and
b) giving up the immunity to fire (i.e. Suddenly, Lava!) this deep would be painful.

(Watch this be a jinx. )
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