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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
I definitely would kill Fang, just so he couldn't interrupt running. And of course the stairs are in the last place you looked.
Also: how on Earth do you explore so fast?
Umm... video editing software?

From about 2:07 in the video the game has been sped up. Some deletion of boring parts has also taken place to move things along. The problem with recording videos of Angband play is the game is very slow going in general. I spend a lot of time deliberating over which inventory item to drop, for example. Or I do a lot of needless and senseless backtracking. That said, I don't think I deleted any parts from the pacman level. Just sped it up. The reason a lot of the audio is normal speed in the pacman level is because I did some sound editing to make that work while keeping the audio at the appropriate parts of the video.

Originally Posted by Selkie View Post
Your videos are so funny. I was feeling your pain in the Pacman level, the very last square!
Thanks Selkie!
Beginner's Guide to Angband 4.2.3 Part 2:

Detailed account of my Ironman win here.

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