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Originally Posted by Max Stats View Post
I have hard-coded some squelch settings into my copy of the game, so that items that I think are always useless are pre-squelched to save myself the trouble. Because of this, I have several items that are squelched before they are identified. I had an unidentified rod in my inventory, and I used the ignore command on it. My choices were:

a) This item only
b) Unignore all Iron Rod

I suspected that this meant that this was one of the rods I had "pre-squelched" so I identified it, and sure enough it was. So if you try to ignore an unidentified item that would be squelched if it were identified, you get tipped off that it is an item in your squelch list.

A very patient player could ID an item for free (assuming it had been seen in previous games to show up in the squelch list) by squelching items of the same kind, ignoring the unknown item (but aborting the command), then refining the squelch list and repeating until the item is isolated. It's not a major exploit, because it requires a lot of work for a pretty minor gain.
Hmm, did you hardcode this in the pref files or in the source code?
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