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Originally Posted by Spacebux View Post
I noticed no longer is one able to say kill a certain # of a specific item from inventory or quiver. However, if you tried to say, drop x items from a stack of y in one of your slots, then kill that item on the ground, it actually does not destroy those items just dropped.

The kill code was working fine in 3.2.0, I thought... I know you guys are working hard on revamping the item-handling code, but this current revision of kill/squelch is a bit spotty.

I like the work and effort being done to increase usability of item squelch in the vanilla code, but at times it seems like for all the effort you are putting into the project, its coming out as a less useful solution to what already exists. (***Please, I'm trying to be tender here!***)

If you can cinch up the 'k'ill code a tad more, then you will have improved on the older 3.2.0 system.

I'm pretty sure this has been mentioned before, but just for clarity: we're trying to move from a system where items can actually be destroyed to one where they are actually just hidden from view (squelched). The current system has more or less moved to this new paradigm, but one of the wrinkles yet to be ironed out is that you can't squelch part of a stack, whereas you could previously destroy part of a stack. This will of course be sorted out eventually.
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