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Originally Posted by myshkin View Post
Prompted by the recent discovery (thanks, elly!) that most of the posts from and are available for download from, I started curating a collection of Usenet posts about Angband. Please add on if you can (I'd like to see notable variant announcements and discussions about game design and strategy, for example), and enjoy if you haven't seen them before. Most of the links below go to Google Groups individual post pages.
Wow this brings back memories. For some reason, I thought I'd see if Angband was still being played and clearly it still has some popularity. Who would have thought that, 21 years ago, when we released the first version from the University of Warwick, it would still be being played so many years later. Just having a game to reminisce - it's funny how it all comes back to you so quickly, although I did just nearly suffer an embarrassing death to a Death Mold...

Sean (Marsh)
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