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My hobbit ranger found a helm +2 attacks and +5 stealth. I wore this as a swap but actually found giving up ESP was no big deal (now that I think of it, I don't think I ever did find an amulet of ESP) even at the bottom of the dungeon. I killed Sauron no problem (650 damage to evil as a ranger) without ESP. I'd raid vaults without ESP (I'd swap periodically, but with 950 health and 32 speed it just wasn't that big a deal).

But on DL100 (and here is why this death was particularly stupid) I found holy might arrows and a proper launcher x5 (+24). I had a ring of power that added +4 to my shooting speed meaning I was getting nearly 3 shots per round for a max damage of 1100 per round to evil with the holy might arrows. I actually think I may have crafted the holy might arrows. every once in awhle staves would make great arrows, but mostly they were okay (the improvement was very noticeable the deeper into the dungeon I got).

Anyway, I decide to start things off in melee without ESP, but in my cavalierness I didn't realize the nasty things M summoned and his nethermagics and a balrog breathing fire cut short my M fight shortly after it began. So silly! Part of it is I feel weird shooting arrows in melee range. I think it would be more fun if @'s ability to shoot arrows in melee range was nearly impossible or impossible but his potential to get the stupid kind of damage he used to be able to get (and sorta still can get) wasn't nerfed. Bring back branding spell and keep create arrows, but make it so @ cannot fire arrows in melee range. @ will have to get creative to kill M with a launcher. Also still would like to see @ gain extra might instead of extra shots (Derakon had also championed this idea when we were discussing ways to nerf extra shots). I want each arrow to do more damage rather than having to burn through a bunch of arrows on a target that doesn't do anything while I'm shooting it because I'm getting 3 shots per turn.
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