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So I finally managed to get a win in coffeebreak mode after my failed warrior with this paladin
(the dump from after retiring wouldn't upload, said invalid variant or something)

Was very fun.

I want to try with a magical character, but I'm not sure if any are viable.
In between melee builds I tried mindcrafters, which I got to CL50 but found with only 300/turn damage from powers that won't work on later dungeon levels let alone the final boss.

I was thinking maybe armageddon/life or armageddon/nature mage, or armageddon high mage? I haven't found the fourth spellbook for armageddon yet but I'm assuming it contains some high damage spells? Like if I can't dish out at least 700 damage/turn then I think the serpent is unkillable.

Or maybe device master? If there are multipliers for device damage then the damage output there could be okay too.
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