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Analyzing this from the far is maybe not really working out as expected. Also this forum is sure not the best platform for it. Best would be to find a chat room with Linux experts that may help. The Ubuntu forums maybe also a point of contact. But to be honest, "real-time" help would be best.

Also it would be good if you have some kind of recovery CD/USB drive lying around (even the Ubuntu install disk may work - SystemRescueCD or something is better). You may also buy a magazine, they sometimes have those included. But analyzing/repairing from the damaged system may lead to even more errors and corruptions. The look from the "outside" is really important.

You have also not written about how much data we are talking here. Is is just some documents from you home folder or are you thinking about backing up the whole distribution (in which case the external boot disk is a must)? Just some MB or aa couple of GB. Anyway, I would also suggest backig this up locally on a usb drive, it will be much faster and also you may need some tries to repair it.

For the repair, I would (after you backed up everything correctly!), use "fsck -y /dev/sdaX" or so. Important is the -y, a damaged drive usually contains a ton of errors. Depending on how damaged it is, a repair is maybe not possible anymore. Is it a SSD or a magnetic disk? But here are - again - a million of possibilities, do the backup first, the analysis later.

Still - keep calm and backup your stuff. Hope that helps.
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